Graham Webb Nolita

Nolita products introduce a breakthrough, power-packed ingredient called VenuceaneTM, a revolutionary antioxidant that protects against city aggressors. Venuceane protects your hair from oxidizing forces which can fade and weaken it.

According to our contract with Graham Webb, products may not be sold over the Internet. Use our price list for products available for purchase from our salon.

In addition to Nolita, we also carry the following Graham Webb product lines:

Mosturizing Shampoo8.5 oz$12.00
Moisturizing Conditioner8.5 oz$14.00
Grit Gel8 oz$18.00
Molding Clay4 oz$16.00
Whipped Wax3.3 oz$16.00
Hair Spray10 oz$12.00
Styling Glue6 oz$14.00
Straightening Spray8 oz$17.00